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Lecture 10

POL208Y5 Lecture 10: Exam Prep_Week10

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Political Science
Spyridon Kotsovilis

Pol208 Introduction to International Relations Week 10 Internal Conflict (i)causes PoliticizedGrievances,ContestedResources,astatesinabilitytoaddressgrievancespeacefully Correlation between internal conflict & economy, weak &corrupt political institutions & elites whenitcannotprovidepublic goods-e.g. security, defense, rule of law, education, public health, infrastructure, services-to persons living within its borders, and facilitate, organize and channel their interests, it is a failedstate. Its extreme version (authority vacuum, lack of security, law of the strongest, etc.) is a collapsed state Othercontributingfactors:Geography, Resources (both a motive and a fuel for war), Technology, Historical animosity (ii)outcomes Betweenadversaries:Outright victory, Partition, Power-sharing, vote-pooling, federalism Externaluseofforce:Intervention, OccupationFromdomestictoIR:Diffusion, Intervention, SpilloverFromIRtodomestic:Domestic destabilization, Foreign- policy induced domestic crisis Violentinternalconflict:agrowingtrend,especiallyinthe1990s TheproxywarsoftheColdWarera(in reality, civil wars dressed up as conflict between pro-US and pro-Soviet forces) were replacedbypost-ColdWarprocesses: Collapseofmulti-ethniccommuniststates Emergence of new states with contestedborders Overabundance of cheap weapons (from former USSR) Weakeningof former superpower client states Discrediting of revolutionary, radical ideologies, supplanted by ethnic nationalismResults: Spike in Eurasian, sub-Saharan ethnic conflicts Decline in Latin America, SE Asia Civil War defined by Huntington as failed Revolution While distinguished from each other, domestic conflicts often involve international dimensions
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