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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science
Mark Yaniszewski

Pol 208 Lecture 5 Liberalism (continued from lecture 4) Democracies fight as many wars if not more than non democracies. They also start wars. Democracies do not fight other democracies. They try to impose their values on other states. Immanuel Kant said democracies should NOT be imposed/ forced. Lib Scholar Robert Kohains - Book: power and independence, wrote with co authors - The world was becoming interdependent and integrated  Not just developed countries but also developing countries  However developed countries get integrated faster than developing - This led to complex interdependence - Economic interdependence = social, cultural, political interdependence (through trade) - Both countries benefit in some ways (i.e travel) - People from both countries have friends, family across border - Close military relationship: both countries protect each other - Every nation sees some benefit in this integration - Book: after hegemony (about regimes) - Bretton Woods created IMF and world Bank. USA had a big role in creation of the world bank system - End of WW2 USA and its economy was in a comfortable position - However by 1970s, USA was in bad condition: stagflation due to low employment, high interest rate and USA was no more a hegemony Francis Fukuyama - Book: end of history - Thesis: 3 ideologies that struggled for power – fascism, communism, liberal democracy
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