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Lecture 8

lecture 8 IPCE reading notes

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Political Science
Todd Hall

POL208 – Readings for Week 8 (BB) The Third Image The International System • Anarchy and Sovereignty o Realists believe int’l system exists in a state of anarchy  Not complete chaos or absence of structure and rules, but rather the lack of a central gov’t that can enforce rules o Gov’ts/central authorities can enforce rules w/i states at domestic level, but there is no such authority for int’l level  Therefore, states must rely on self-help, which they supplement w/ allies and the sometimes constraining power of int’l norms o States should pay attention to states’capabilities rather than intentions o Great maj of state interactions closely adhere to norms of behaviour  Shared expectations about what behaviour is considered proper o Sovereignty  Gov’t has the right, in principle, to do whatever it wants in its own territory o State are based on territory, b/c in agrarian times, land = wealth  Revolutions in info tech may dramatically affect territorial state system in coming years o States have developed norms of diplomacy to facilitate their interactions  Ex.An embassy is treated as the territory of the home state, not the country where it’s located o Rules of IR often created a security dilemma  Situation in which states’actions taken to ensure their own security threaten the security of other states • Balance of Power o General concept of one or more states’power being used to balance that of another state or group of states o Can also refer to the process by which counterbalancing coalitions have repeatedly formed in history to prevent one state from conquering an entire region • Great Powers and Middle Powers o States that have any influ
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