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Lecture 16

lecture 16 IPCE reading notes

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POL208 – Reading Notes (IPCE) Lecture 16 Regionalism • Regional Organizations and Regionalisation: Theory and Practice o Regionalism: the tendency to form regions, or the process of doing so o Schirm: overtime, initiatives towards regional cooperation may lead to development of new regional ‘regimes’, with associated regulations, structures and processes o New regionalisation differed from the old regionalisation in three key ways  Old was rooted in the circumstances of the Cold War, when regional coop in Western Euro was directly and consistently affected by the circumstances of the Cold War  For many other regions, the EU’s econ and developmental successes stimulated a wider, extra-Europ ‘urge to merge’ • The linked emergence of what the IR scholar Christiansen calls ‘fortress Europe/SEM’provided a new impetus to encourage dynamic regional coop in regions outside Europe  Old focused primarily on state-level commitments • New shifted attention beyond gov’ts to include various groups of non-state actors such as trade unions, business interests and women’s groups o The North American Free TradeAgreement  NAFTAhas to coordinate b/w only 3 gov’ts compared to EU’s 27, which
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