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Lecture 20

lecture 20 IPCE reading notes

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Political Science
Todd Hall

POL208 – Reading Notes (IPCE) Lecture 20 What Can We Expect in the Future? • Alternative Visions o Alternatives that go beyond the sovereign state  World Federalism • States would agree to give up their nat’l armaments and accept some degree of central government • Getting rid of ind states wouldn’t necessarily be the end of war b/c most wars in recent years have been internal to states  Functionalism • If issue-specific int’l insts were created that had real decision- making power for handling global problems, states would have less reason to squabble and war would be eliminated  Regionalism • Ex. EU and NAFTA • EU has become the strongest regional inst o Some states resist it, but people are generally accepting it  Ecologism • Anticolonialism, antiracialism, greater equality, and ecological preservation would lead not only to the strengthening of majorities in the UN, but to the creation of new regimes for handling the world’s dwindling resources • States are creating treaties to prevent environmental damage, but in many states, ecological concerns take second place to a desire for rapid economic development  Cyberfeudalism • Predict that centralized bureaucratic gov’ts of 20 century will st become decentralized orgs in the 21 century, and more gov’t functions will be handled by private markets as well as by nonprofit orgs • As decentralized orgs and virtual comms develop on the internet, they will cut across territorial jurisdictions and develop their own patterns of governance o States will continue to exist, but they’ll become less imp and less central to people’s lives o The End of History of the Clash of Civilizations? 
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