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POL250: TOXIC CHEMICALS November 7 , 2012 - US election - Phthalates - Teflon… US elections – more numbers  53% of women voted o 55% of them voted for the president  10% of voters were Hispanic o 71% of them voted for President (67% in 2008)  Exit poll top issues: economy, budget, foreign policy and health care Pollution?  “pollution is now so pervasive that it’s become a marinade in which we all bathe everyday” (3)  “we have all become guinea pigs in a vast and uncontrolled experiment” (4)  “they wanted an explanation of cause and effect that, in many cases, we were unable to provide because the studies hasn’t yet been done”(5)  “we are eating, drinking and soaking in tens of thousands of potentially toxic substances, most of which we know little about. When all of these chemicals are combined together in out drinking water, we know virtually nothing about how they interact with each other or our bodies, and we know particularly little about how they affect developing brains and fetuses” (90) Why is it getting worse?  Pollution is worse in three ways: 1. Global (grasshopper effect) [taken in air and water and moves] 2. Invisible 3. Chronic and long-term effects [asthma and air pollution]  Can we adapt?  Probably … up and to a point.  Ex. Older people can use cell phones and computers … but they have never realy been able to adapt as quickly as necessary to keep up Their Experiment … in junk science  What if people started finding out what was in them?  One rule: our efforts have to mimic real life  “whatever activities we undertook had to be run of the mill things that people do everyday” (6)  Pg. 30 – examples: eating lots of tuna for a few days Phthalates  Look like clear vegetable oil  Good news” break down quickly in us & the environment  Code word: fragrance or Parfum  Examples? Body butter from the body shop. Herbal essences shampoo Phthalates are in Plastics too…  Can you go two whole days without eating anything that had come in contact with plastic.  Turns out that it is hard.  So, what? Are you concerned? Phthalates & the C word (cancer)  No, not climate change … CANCER  “I don’t think I’m the only person of my generation who’s looking around dumbfounded by how many people they know with cancer, and asking themselves: where is this cancer cominf from? Why do so many friends have cancer? Will I get cancer?” (59)  Who knows someone with cancer?  Who thinks (besides me) that they will get cancer in their life?  Who thinks this might be related to chemicals?  2008: G.W. Bush signed a bill to permanently prohibit the sale of children’s toys that contain more than .1% of certain phthalates  Canada? YES – just in 2011 in 3 types of phthalates (DEHP, DBP, BBP) risk is to great, so we will manage it. No more than 0.1% in soft vinyl of children toys and child care articles Teflon/PFOA  Turns out, it is EVERYWHERE o POP & Bioaccumaltive (stored in fatty tissue e.g. breast milk stored in fatty tissue stays there forever)  Parkersburgh, VA o What is the narrative here?  Science Panel findings? o C8 Science Panel: http://www.c8science o The Science Panel has delivered five Probable Link reports dealing with various health outcomes to the Wood County Court on Monday, October 29, 2012. o The Science Panel has concluded that there is a probable Link between C* (PFOA) and diagnosed high cholesterol; o And that there is not a Probable Link between C8 and diagnosed hypertension, coronary artery disease, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, osteoarthritis or Parkinson’s disease PFOA in Canada  Results of the final screening assessment indicate that PF
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