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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science
Andrea Olive

ENV 250 LECTURE #3 24/09/2013 12:19:00 PM What are renewables? - energy sources that produce no waste and no greenhouse gases - hydro, geothermal, wind and sun - found all over the world - china presently has the largest wind market in the world problem: unreliable and expensive subsidies make comparison difficult What are biofuels? - growing plants for energy - example: ethanol Nuclear - post WW2 it was toted as the future - then health risks became a concern - France was really championing nuclear energy - war on terrorism made nuclear popular - then japan was a game changer Other oil - east oil has been founded and mostly tapped - we are going after dirtier and/or more expensive oil” - oil sands - deep water - arctic we do not know how much oil is in the arctic but we believe there is a lot there where do we get our energy? Ontario – nuclear Alberta – coal BC – hydro Alberta - 3.6 million people - GDP per capital 49,500 (Canada = 40,541) - World’s second largest exporter of natural gas - Canada’s largest exporter of oil - parliamentary democracy - 3 branches of government - progressive conservative party has been in power since 1971 - least taxed province - only Canadian province to have a flat tax for income tax (10%) - only province to not have PST - premier Klein [from 1992-2006] - premier Redford [elected oct 7, 2011, and re-elected april 23 2012]  first female premier  leader of progressive conservatives (they have been in power almost 40 years)  she is a lawyer Canada – US relations - world’s largest trading partners - world’s largest border - shared defense/national security - shared environmental concerns:  great lakes  oil  arctic resources  birds some facts about oil - with just 5% of the world’s population, the US now burns 20.6 billion barrels of oil a day (25% of the world’s oil supply) - US must import 2/3 of its liquid fuel from foreign suppliers - At least one super tanker must arrive at a US port every four hours - Canada is the largest supplier of oil to the US
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