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Political Science
Andrea Olive

POL250 September 24/13 Tar Sands - Energy is needed for: residential sector, commercial sector, industrial sector and transportation sector (cheap gas means cheap food) - Fossil Fuels: any fuel formed by buried dead organisms…oil, coal, natural gas (contain carbon)…comprise 85% of energy supply - Oil is in abundance in the Middle East and Northern Africa - Natural gas is in abundance in Russia and Canada - Coal in U.S., Russia, China and India - What are Renewables? Energy sources that produce no waste or greenhouse gases…hydro, geothermal, wind and sun - Renewables are found all over the world - China has the largest wind market in the world, along with Western Europe - Problem: unreliable and expensive…or more expensive than fossil fuels and coal…subsidies make comparison difficult - What are Biofuels? Growing plants which produce fuel, Ethanol…corn, which makes it more expensive - Canada grows a lot of food for the world, so growing Biofuels would clash with the growing of food - What about Nuclear? Post WW11 it was toted as the future, then health risks became a concern - War on Terrorism made nuclear popular, but Tsunami in Japan was a game changer - Other oil: Easy oil has been founded and mostly tapped - Dirtier/more expensive oil: oil sands, deep water, Arctic - We do not know how much oil is in the Arctic, but we believe there is a lot there… - Alberta: The Rogue Province: - 3.6 million people - World’s second largest exported of natural gas - Canada’s largest exporter of oil - Parliamentary democracy, Progressive Conservation Party has been in power since 1971 - Least taxed province: only Canadian province with a flat tax for income tax, 10% and only province without PST - Premier Klein: Premier of Alberta (1992-2006)…joined Borden Ladner Gervais law firm, did not have a law degree and suffered from dementia in 2011 - Premier Stelmach (2006-2011), resigned in October 2011 - Premier Redford: Elected in 2011, re-elected in 2012. First female Premier, Conservative (they have been in power for 40 years), she is a lawyer - Canada-US Oil Relations: - World’s largest trading partners and longest border - Shared defense/national security - Shared environmental concerns: Great lakes, Oil, Arctic, Birds - Facts about oil: Us has 5% of the world’s population and uses 25% of the world’s oil supply - 2/3 of its oil comes from a foreign country - At least one supertanker must arrive at a US port every 4 hours - Canada is the largest oil supplier for the US - How does the US get the oil? Keystone XL Pipeline - Idea to move oil from Alberta to Texas, TransCanada has approval, BUT Obama has delayed making a decision - Thousands of people came out to protest the pipeline in Washington DC - Nebraska: would potentially threaten them…has n
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