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Political Science
Justin Bumgardner

HIS340 February 3 2014Why did people embrace the reformation after 1500 years embrace it A long and drawn out process over a course of a couple generations When is protestant Europe Around 1580 a protestant side and catholic side A tier anatomy of commitment the conversion process happens he talks about the double process of engagement How they are working at two levels communal protestant identity producing a protestant community and identity culture of belonging culture of persuasionreformers work on an individual level It was drawn out protestants have to create an agenda and persuade them to a new religion he talks about the interplay of the past present they draw on medieval catholic traditions to convert people not a culture of persuasion out of nothing Talks about the central idea of print culture intersection of development of publishing and the market exists in an economic context intersection of print culture and the market Chapter 3 how it spread protestant ideas through music what is contrafait taking old catholic tunes and putting on the music of protestant message mixing the sacred and drawing on rich medieval songs and changing the words around to have a protestant theme building a culture of persuasion conversion intertextuality their taxing a catholic base inside the bottle they put protestant ideas into it recashing it an olda new How music and singing active role in their faith protestant community creating solidary there creating one voice a culture of persuasion Chapter 5 The visual image the old view vs the new a new interpretation to different interpretations visual images in books what hes taking issue with bob scriswer for sake of the simple folk one of the ways the protestant reformers would reachregular people was wood cut drawings in the conversion process protestant reformers relied on visual images to convert people The new view central at converting people at the grass roots level the own hierarchy of senses issues of scripture assumptions that he brought with him 108109 too much hierarchy of senses quote vitamin A deficiency how people cant have access to fresh food vegetables eyesight was bad thVisual image what are they like wood cuts images created by 16 century too complex Calling into question Bobs thesis Talks about if people understand the protestant message he says there not getting the message that woodcuts etc are people getting the message images getting created have illusions to classical Greek and Rome Woodcuts are a refined rather than apleasure for everyone only upper class understands it Chapter 6 talks about the intersection of the market emerging capitalist market and the reformation exists inside an economic context 128 reformation did much to reshape people interplay of reformation and printProtestants would never been good without using the printing press Backing forth between the book and the message He shows the commercial book trade was revolutionaized by printing material some people are making a lot ofmoney 135 shaped
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