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Political Science
Justin Bumgardner

A surge was needed in 2007 because failure meant SkyAllout civil warA damaged reputation of the USA boost in Islamic extremismA blow to the morale of the US military2003 USA coalition invaded Iraq overthrew Saddam Hussain situation of chaos coalition provision of authority during this time the war got worse not enough troops debathification was too deep dissolving of the army went worse 200405 key event ethnic divides arabs and kurds sunni and shia and foreigners jihadist calling themselves AlQaeda into an Islamic fundamentalist state blew up a shia mosque and started violence in sunni and shia in Iraq end of 2005 2006 war 100000 Iraqis killed bush administration 2003 November 2006 continued same policies any journalist would ask them say in denial say things are improving things were getting worse Republicans in the USA lost an election in 2006 congress Bush got rid of some of advisors secretary of defense some started to admit that things were getting worseOne of the problems not enough troops send more troops idea of surge is sending more troops someone arguing in favour of a surge Challenges before the surgeSectarian violence and ethnic cleansingsunni and shai groups not just government but militias that were formed Lack of security not enough troops coalition said it was failing so they formed their own militias tendeto be on the extremes a lot of fighting and violence Ill informed off state green zone area in bagdag sieled off from Iraq operation in green zone not have clue whats going on in the res tof Iraq or Baghdad problem of coalition had a killcapture mindset Coalition troops were irrelevant offstage and illinformedCoalition had a kill and capture mindset rather than the people are the prize people are th prize counter insurgency governments fighting against them how do you win that if you convince the population they should support the government not the rebels 3years occupation in bush administration didnt have the mindset had idea that terrorist attacks not sure who did it but we think it was here arrest everyone etcIraqs army and police were heavily Shiite and infiltrated by militias Iraq population 60 weak majority are Shiite Sunni Arab 20 and Kurds 20 other 20Heavily Shiite not representing the sunnis they were anti government have these challenges 270 intoxicating spiceFailure of clear hold and build strategy idea you want to clear an area of the enemy and hold the area and try to rebuild it try to build something so the insurgencies dont go
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