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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science
Justin Bumgardner

Improvements in IraqBegan in late 2007 full scale civil war 2005 06 07 Began to be some improvements led to defeat of the republicans and the elections failing US troops surge and the ability to convince former insurgents to support the government turned the tide Criticisms of counter surgencency Turn the tide violence went down by 200708 The usa ended combat operations in Iraq in Dec 2011 Obama ran on that he would end Iraq but the agreement was by bushIraqi Violence corruption political gridlock still hamper Iraqs prospects Iraq has improved but lots of violence and blood shed 2013 has been more violent than 2012 Iraq is better off than Afghanistan today etOccupying Iraq Dobbins Coalition provisional authority Those who join USA in the war Britain was biggest Tony Blari same page most other usa allies did not want to be a part of the war eastern Europe joined the coalition other than US UK just sent sent token forces as a gesture in return usa would give them increase aid or certain things CPA occupied Iraq from May 2003June 2004 when interim Iraqi government was formed emphasize the importance in what goes on in what goes on early you get it right early chances of success are much better Led by LPaul Bremer but he had no direct authority over 98 of the US military personnel in Iraq US military didnt like him didnt get along Disconnect in whats going on Status but no authority Critics blame CPA for many of the failures in Iraq military called it cant provide anything cpa didnt provide what they neededChallenges for the CPA 1Looting had destroyed most government offices they were supposed to govern in the early years no realistic chance of success USA didnt stop the looting didnt want to intervene in the stuff dobbins say they should have taken stronger measures to stop looters Iraqi armypolice fore had deserteLack of funding relie principally on Iraqi money because Bush underfunded the nation buildingUS had few allies willing to help significantly
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