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Political Science
Justin Bumgardner

Doctrine of Intervention CharapFailed peace talks in Syria demonstrate that Russia will not support a diplomatic resolution on Western or Arab termsRussia and the Assad regime have military ties and arms salesRussia has fought two civil wars against Sunni Muslim minoritiesRussia used three UNSC vetoes on SyriaMain reason for Russian opposition to the West on SyriaRussia doesnt believe that UNSC should endorse the removal of sitting governmentsRusssia is more likely to support a UN operation that may condemn a rebel group but not when it comes to governmentsUS led interventions in Kosovo Afghanistan Iraq Libya threaten the international system and regime stability in Russia If you didnt have a norm of nonintervention and you had countries interfering in their internal politics than you might have a situation with regimes being toppled you have a lot of instability that can spill over to international war concept of nonintervention was established lets stop intervening and try to add some stability to the systemRussia regrets abstaining from UNSC vote on Libya Russia believes that HI for r2p is a cover for regime changeRussia is central to Syrian diplomacyBecause Obama wants UN legitimizationbacking for his interventions The US can do regime change or work through the UNSC but not bothRussia agreed that Assad must surrender his chemical weapons stockpiles but only after the US threatened to strike himChemical weapons only represent a small fraction of the problem in SyriaGeneral Lessons of Nation Building Evans Ch 7 responsibility to prevent responsibility to react responsibility to rebuild Pg 148 quotes icis Need to rebuild the country People from that country will be able to rebuild themselves Form their own government get everything set up again and fix the political institutions Sort out who should do whatwhen
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