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Political Science
Justin Bumgardner

October 4 2013 European Union EUHasnt been a war between too European countriesPopulation size and wealth comparable to the USWorlds most successful conflict prevention modelUses soft power promise of EU membership to persuade states to behave liberally and peacefully to coheres other states to behave Modifiy behaviour by setting a good example using diplomacy carrots rather than sticks attract and persuade Hard power military etc which is more effective some argue both need to change another states behaviour Hard powersanctions Soft Powerpursaude and attract economic insentives if you change your behaviour you will get more foreign aid Missions in Macedonia Bosnia Congo Chad and Central African Republicwhen they get involved in a mission they dont put themselves in harms way not hard power send individuals there functioning as observersadvisersAfrican Union AU53 members with 15000 to 20000 peacekeepersPeace and security missions in Darfur Burundi Somalia Comoros Congo Ivory Coast and KenyaECOWAS predecessor helped manage conflict in Liberia and Sierra LeoneNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO 1US Canada W Europe Turkey and some E European statesCapability at the hard power end with 24 million in uniform and equipment Includes NATO Response Force NRF a stand alone military force ready for rapid deployment although only involved in uncontroversial humanitarian tasks so far not places where there is violence and warIntervention managed conflicts in Bosnia Kosovo and LibyaInvolved in Afghanistan but there are serious differences in the willingness of members to contribute troops and resources a lot of these divisions were amplified over the Afghan mission
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