Solipsism and American Exceptionalism

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science
Professor Jurgenson

Solipsism: US as a model and magnet to the rest of the world. Tendency of humans to believe that their way of doing something is the best and only way to do so. This is a phenomenon prevalent in the United States. They simply believe that everyone else will model themselves after the way they do things. The arrogance is evident in most cultures; European. They believe themselves to be superior. In the Vietnam War, solipsism was evident, through their display of ignorance of Vietnamese culture. American policy makers made rosy assumptions of what they were doing there. They failed to consider the implications of their actions, as they did not understand the difference between theirs and the Viet’s cultures. They didn’t expect to have oppositions. Many Americans do not cross the borders, therefore their understanding of other cultures is rather poor. Therefore they seem to understand these cultures through their own clouded judgement. Some people didn’t even know the difference between sunnis and shias. They are apathetic towards it, only 20% Americans have passports. Their lack of interest
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