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Lecture 2

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Political Science
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Aurel Braun

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POL340Intro to International Law thSept 19 2011Nature History and Source of International LawNatureAlthough international law is not a sham it is not the same as domestic lawDoesnt work perfectly hence the existence of war and disputes between countriesDomestic law pillars are more solid than intl lawThere are crucial points with intl lawTreaty of Westphalia establishment of sovereignty of countries and nation states rulers of nationstates would be able to control their territory more easily so important because at the heart of international law today sits the nationstate not made up exclusively of nation states but the primary forces are Domestically law is hierarchal in international law it is decentralizedIn order for morality to function you need to have a balance of power in the international systemintl law first and most principle moral is that there has to be a balance of power with the members of nations if there cant be and they cannot keep each other in check then there will be force and it will not work wellCircularity totalogy
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