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Political Science
Justin Bumgardner

thFebruary 28 2013 POL343Other costs of major pandemicIdea of major pandemic past serious Spanish flu 191819 killed 50100 million people worldwide Devastating to the global economy Travel would be shut downProductivity losses will be enormous effecting people as far as those who work in the labor industry not able to produce impactMajor shortages for wide range of commodities including food Activities requiring close human contact could be banned Toronto has experienced this on a small scale SARS situation harmful to economy and travel sector etcCritical Problems with Preparedness for flu pandemicMain argument critical problems that the world is not prepared if the flu occurs Producers of the flu vaccines have declined corporate mergers have reduced the number of pharmaceutical 2 or more firms have come together one firm has bought the others out companies ready to sellwhen corporate mergers happen lots of company declinesmarket for all vaccines is less than 2 of the total pharmaceutical market vaccines are prevention most people think as a reaction cost of healthcare keep going up only pay as a reactionGetting flu vaccines to the global south9 states 12 of world population produce flu vaccine Australia Canada France Germany Italy Japan UK US Netherlands none in latin America pharmaceutical market that produce the vacines none is asia besides japan what would happen these companies north would develop them high demand a while before they could produce enough for those in the southFinancial risk in investing in vaccinesth1976 swine flu false alarm fear it be a pandemic 3 in 20 centurySpanish flu Asian flu and hongkong late 50s and 60s swine flu came 7 years after hon kong flu US invested in
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