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Political Science
George Wootten

The Watchdog Function Scandals This section of the course considers the watchdog rolefunction of the media in politics The watchdog notion of media requires the press to independently monitor and scrutinize elite behaviour with a mind to alerting us ie bark like a watchdog when there is something wrong such as evidence of misconduct abuse of power or maladministrationThe case of sponsorship scandal in Canada the Framing Gomery reading is a demonstration of elite abuse of power and is a good case of the press fulfilling its watchdog role although the coverage itself was problematicHowever a great deal of what we refer to as watchdog style journalism focuses on what might be considered the private misbehaviour of political elitesCases in point include but are no means limited to the sex scandals in Finnish politics the politics of sexting reading the ongoing behaviour of Mayor Rob Ford and ClintonLewinsky scandal in the late 1990s Question for class discussion is the private conduct of politicians an appropriate place for journalists to fulfill their watchdog function Scandals have story telling interest to get more attention sensational 20 of all volume of government in the year of the ClintonLewinsky affair more attention than PakistanIndia had detonated nuclear power Issue does that mean scandal is unimportant What they said in past these types of scandals would not get in the news not newsworthy now it indicates a change in the media culture in Finland more interested in scandal Alberta Premier 1992 to 2000s got drunk and yelled at poor people for being poor Lewinsky scandal he lied about it first degree second degree1 first order consequence behaviour that is i
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