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Political Science
George Wootten

Social Media and PoliticsThere are three parts to the discussion in the textbook chapter that I would like you to be know aboutFirst it explains the four distinctive patterns of emergent campaign practices that have been facilitated by digital and social mediaMicrotargeting voters also see chapter 8 Personalization of politicsIncreased interactivity Sustained engagement Second the chapter then explains how rapidly social media has evolved as a campaign tool in the US from 2004 to the present What is interesting is how each new election cycle in the US has seen a learning process in how to use social media in election campaignsThird the chapter then tries to assess to what degree social media impact different aspects of democratic citizen engagement voting promoting political information and discussion and political participation more generallyDo social media promote stronger democracyThe best answer is that we do not know yetSocial media are new and it is simply too early to tell whether they enhance the democratic quality of political communication or notThere is however reason to be hopeful that it mightdoes it change people Does it alter patterns of political behaviour as similar with negative advertising the evidence is conflicting all this evidence of social media should promote more engagement 1824 yr olds engagement is declining new the technology to early to see the impact it has on democratic practicesI will not be talking directly about this material in classInstead I will be focusing my comments in class to e
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