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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science
George Wootten

FrameBuildingStrategiccommunicationhastwogeneralgoalsputpositivemediacoveragetoshapepublicopinionimaginemanagementwantstohavepositiveimaginecoverageFramingdynamicsisintendedtotostructurepoliticalcompetitionthatisfavourabletoframerImage management focuses on various political efforts to generate positive or favourable media coverage in an effort to enhance popularityFramebuilding on the other hand emphasizes how media can be used to structure the communication environmentThe goal is to have ones preferred frame interpretation become the dominant frame in media discussions of an issue or eventPoliticians go out of their way to have their frame become the common understanding of the debate Ballot Question next time election the emerging question whats the prevailing issue the voter is going to have ex 2012 election ballot question economy Frames in communication and frames in thought communication is how images words are conveyed to you frames in thought how you perceive a particular issue campaign event in your head You have a way of understanding things known as frame in thought The purpose of political strategies is try to influence your frames in thought It will influence your behaviour and attitudes Pg 176 text politicans tend time frames most advantageous to them Priming what we need to know is much of media strategies is intended to prime you alter or influence the standards you use to evaluate things Prime the audience to think about the questions of security and terrorism he wins when everyone is evaluating candidates on security economy he was vulnerable he did all he could to get economy out of discourse Framing leads to priming effects but also persuasive separate and distinct activities The purpose of persuasion is intended to view something in a certain way Priming think about a certain issue as an evaluate standard its also persuasive Dont confuse a frame strength from its normative desirablility just because its strong and works in your head doesnt mean its a good idea normative desirabilitystrength can have different effects Doesnt have to have good effects on policiesIt appears that a key point in determining frame contests a clash between different frames is frame strength the stronger the frame the more likely it is to impact opinions and attitudes Facts are irrelevant the most information has no relationship with its strength This is demonstrated by the Canadian government In 20067 support for Canadian intervention in Afghan started to slip small majority supporting to 30 apparent that public opinion was low on the issue The Canadian government recognized saw this as a vulnerability to their popularity conservatives have a minority government could become a liability Hired the strategic council a public opinion company and offer suggestions to figure out how to win back public support Strategic Council didnt know what there talking about people dont like the intervention because its against our peace keeping past but some supported it as a humanitiarian They said they should inform Canadians why were there so conservatives put out a campaign about how many people we were helping public opinion didnt change still was going down Facts do not determine strength they are not persuasive or alter the standards you use to evaluate stuff Fact immune Appealing to values emotions are much stronger Something that taps into emotions is easier Had the Canadian government done a different survey to see how they feel the emotional
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