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Political Science
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October 30 LectureVideo two types personalplatform personal attack ad personal attributes to be PM Is the ad effective Not works on two different levels visuals and audio Paid advertising and while on the news gives them more news coverage reinforcing to keep them thinking Conveyed through this message they are threatened wouldnt be putting out the negative advertising so soon Negative personal attack ad other ads the one who attack person or issue which is more effective Both can be effective personal attack ad more tricky for people to find acceptable why are you doing this Negative advertising usually a lot of backlash making people think theres something negative about you but it can be worth if it its solid Attacks 2004 Liberals losing in Ontario people didnt know the conservatives performance so they put negative ads platform based work when people dont know what the opposition supports for 2006 Liberals Ads conservative really negative pulled it back didnt air the soldiers in the streets already negative with Liberals the ads already on air worked but took longer because the overhang controversy of Liberal corruption 2004 Kerry nominees vet colleagues saying his whole record was a lie Vietnam war hero was a lie why did it work Republicans said Kerry is running on his war offering running for president what he thinks its his strongest attitude he would be less likely to be electedDoesnt do anything to increase knowledge about him doesnt highlight any difference between political party and nothing is relevant for gov
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