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Political Science
George Wootten

If there was a test question Relative merits of partisan bias its irrelavent more about person making the claim than the media itself its the bias to tell a story everything is tied to what officials say etcIs Signaling still relevantTied closed to the notion of agenda setting which is tie to priming the media signals to us when something important is happening Agenda setting is when the media starts talking about it a lot the general public thinks its important Now that we have decentralized media system people are wondering if the mass media has time to signal important events Key ConceptsPoliticsmediapolitics cycle media doesnt cause political events it occurs There is interaction but in any story that youread there has to be a preexisting political event for people to talk about the media doesnt cause anything to occur anything politically Everyone knows the powerful media effect in priming They respond to media coverage they may find it to be interesting 2012 people who said they were voting for RomneyObama after first debate some people were changing their minds slight change in the debate political event in statistics media went crazy for Romney than people started talking about the Romney surge The media environment shifted from this is boring now we have a race than the Obama changed their tactics in response to the media coverage than media said hes coming back Interactive relationships significant enough event if the politicians try to respond if the media is doing something Canada conservative negative ad
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