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MediaBiasItisimpossibletoexploretherealmofmediaandpoliticswithouthearingaboutallegationsofmediabiasToexaminetherealandimaginedaspectsofmediabiasinpoliticswewillconsiderthefollowingissuesbecause media can impact how you see politics you have to understand how these biases work 1What is meant by the notion of journalistic objectivity Two Es Opposite of bias what does it mean Among journalists there are robust support for this Any scale high end USA 91 journalist thinking its important and low in Sweden with 76 What does it mean in practice A epistemological objectivity means you relay facts You dont let your attitudes or values impact what youre talking about Ethical side fairness and balance in coverage difference news cultures go around different notions some emphasize the fairness component the others emphasis the factual component Patterson and Wolfgang patterns that evolved certain European countries are not concerned with fairness when asked what do you have the most functional as a journalist go beyond the conflict and go to hard facts underpinning the dispute 58 Ex US government has partial shutdown the Swedish would say the executive is saying one thing the legislature is saying another thing whats the truth Americans barely go beneath report as fairly as possible what each other is saying Gap in two notions of objectivity The differences can be found in the role and function of journalists Allowed more interpretive journalism than here of fairness and passive and descriptive journalism If facts are not brought up they dont talk about t
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