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Political Science
George Wootten

Resisting Media Effects September 25In this class we will explore some of the ways people resist media effectsHere are some ideas to consider1The role of firsthand knowledge obtrusive versus nonobtrusive issues when you know something about a reality media has less effect on you When you know how it primes obstructive issues things that affect you in your day to day life gas prices going up or down aware of these things in your personal experience if you follow it media cant affect you Nonobtrusive issues climate change war white house no personal experience you need the media to tell you whats happening Media can have an issue Knowledge may make you less available to this Ex Immigration those who live in broader states where illegal immigration is done a lot constantly in peoples face the media affects are quite lower living in nonborder states Barriers your influence to media effects 2The role of ideological or partisan beliefsThe strange case of The Colbert Report John Stewart gives cues with his type of humor make a snide comment Colbert is different debt pan satire you interpret him as being satire and they see what they want to see more work for audience to interpret his humor Both Liberals and selfidentified conservatives both like it equally conservatives means what he says partisan belief gives them the lenses to interpret it Conservatives in the US their ideological framework they interpret it the way they want to he is pretending to be a critic of his ideology your worldview gives you a fra
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