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September 18 369 class 1.docx
September 18 369 class 1.docx

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science
George Wootten

DomediaimpactperceptionsofpoliticalrealityTheshortanswerisyesHowevertheeffectscanbequitesubtleandnuancedHerearethekeyconceptswewillconsiderinthisclassMedia effects how it affects our political attitudes and learning effects it will signal when important ideas will happen World of the Wars when they played a book over the radio people thought aliens were attacking Media research didnt start till 1950s found its difficult that people are not passive there is a lot of resistance Hyperdermic Media theory idea that people could put things into your head like a needle justifies propaganda its not true difficult to input an idea in your head plant one in your head The most successful propaganda plays on something people already leave The impact of media messages are subtle Priming has to happen to1ShapingAttitudesPrimingToalterthewayinformationisorganizedtocreateanorderofrelevancetoeachothercanchangethestandardsyouusetoevaluatesomethingChangingthestandardstoevaluatesomethingPrimingasaneffectAgendaSettingobtrusive versus nonobtrusive issues two pathways to primingas and framingAgenda setting ability of media to talk about something and make it important to you the transfer of information It becomes more important in peoples minds ability of media to set the public agenda When the media is preoccupied with a particular event it makes the issue seem more important than other things it changes the way people deal with candidates or events Rodoulp
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