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PSY100Y5 Lecture Notes - Determinism, Marxist Feminism

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Hae Yeon Choo

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Social Construction of Gender Relations: Social and Feminist Perspectives
Biological Determinism men and women are born with physical features that
distinguish us.
Markets tell us what we need to do, desire, how to ask make gender the way it is,
gender socialization
Sex Role Theory
- Main problem is singularity one definition of masculinity and femininity
- Situational different ways to do m & f depending were you are
Social Institutions
- Society organized by gender bathrooms
- Gender specific language he/ she, mr/ms
R.W. Connel cannot me hegemonic femininity
- Other scholars disagree are layers of different powers of femininity
- Shown in age, race… creates different layers within femininity
Female Power in Social Institutions
- Sociological approach not just sex of person that matters but also what
the role demands in the occupation sex less important then the way
someone acts.
- Labor Market we think in today’s society that it is gender neutral/ no
o Reality high paying high stress demand keeps model of ideal male
worker who can commit 100% - no reproductive responsibility
raising kids taking care of the family = ideal male single or married
o Women either have to resemble ideal male worker stay single or not
have kids because that’s what job demands – sidelined because of
pregnancy not official barrier but gender logic that greats invisible
barrier for those who want family responsibility
Doing Gender
- key concept of today coming out of interactions review focus on face to face
- means that gender is something you achieve in interaction with people
rather then something you have
o ex. You need to man up if its something you have then you can’t
“man up’. We place certain actions that makes gender the way we do it
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