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Lecture 2

PSY100Y5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Shark Fin Soup, Tiger Penis, Spontaneous Remission

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PSY100 Lecture 2 Sept 16th, 2019
Research Methods
-most important lecture in life
-we have access to too much information and not all of it is correct
-we are not educated enough to be critical evaluators of the info
-we believe fallacies and fake news
-the news is no longer trusted and become influencers themselves
Alcohol study in decreasing heart disease
-it was red wine that decreased but it was the grape ingredient in it
-they did the study in France where ppl drink a lot of wine but the ppl were generally healthier than
-they didn’t explain that in the report
-ppl just believed them
-gear news stories towards what will get more views
-we should get out info from peer reviewed journal articles (best source of information)
Cow Urine
-ppl thought cow urine was the cure for cancer (cured two people)
-was just coincidental (spontaneous remission)
-could be placebo effect
-we have to test these things empirically
-diff between correlational studies and scientific experiments
Might be relevant later??????
-shark fin soup does not prevent cancer
-crushing a tiger penis does not help you get an erection
-slide chart
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