PSY100Y5 Lecture Notes - Feral Child, Lightning, Functional Fixedness

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18 Apr 2012

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Chapter 8 - Language and Thought
November 14, 2011
- language has shared meaning
- language begins as spoken word
- language: agreement that a sound has meaning, eventually leads to written lang.
- we have inherent unskilled ability to learn language
- by 8-10 mos. already showing preference to phonemes in language exposed to.
- morphemes: ex. "S" put it at end of word, means plural
- semantics: shared meaning
- syntax: grammatical rules we use for combination of phrases and morphemes
Nonverbal Communication
- only 10% of communication is verbal language
- vocal intonation: sarcasm
Language Development
- most common first sound for child is "d" in english
- fast mapping: brain gud at applying new words just learned
- over +under extensions: schemas become more specific
Critical Period for Language Acquisition
- learning language after adolescence much harder than when ur a kid, will have
accent from primary lang. when speaking.
- feral children not exposed to phonemes at critical period and not learn lang or how
to be human
Problem Solving
- we have a very limited idea of what problems are
- ill defined problems don't have just one answer
- algorithms not always helpful for solving ill-defined problems
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