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Lecture 6

PSY100Y5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Free Recall, Lab Report, Recognition Memory

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Dax Urbszat

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12 January 2016
LAB 6: Recall & Recognition Memory with Signal Detection Analysis
Our experiment:
You + partner will need to have 2 Independent variables at the
same time
{you can use the recall or recognition labs in Adaptrack}
Don’t forget your control variables
Must HAVE a prediction and a reason why for every independent
variable (come up with a reason why based on what you’ve
No outside research is needed!
Have 5 di/erent tables to show him, and he’ll tell us which one
works (just labels, and some example words) = in a month
Submit 1 paper per pair, online, share grade or split it
You might want to use chunking in your experiment?
List where you can chunk and cannot chunk (which list has
greater recall??)
Experiment to see if free recall is true?
Experiments that look at how to remove the primacy e/ect?
Non-sense symbol experiment?
Common words vs uncommon words?
Have a page of instructions to everyone, so they get the same
Words Male Female
^ He does NOT want this design in our lab reports.
Free Recall – means that you can recall in any order
TODAY: 2 experiments that are examples for our lab report
Experiment 1: Studying 80 pictures for 2 minutes, then he’ll have already selected
half of the pictures (40) and he’ll add 40 NEW ones.
Experiment 2: Studying 2 x 40 (80) line drawings, and seeing
which ones we remember
Review - The Computer Metaphor of the Mind
Information comes in through our system as sensations
Essentially a computer:
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