PSY100Y5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Stressor, Autonomic Nervous System

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3 Feb 2016
Chapter 13 - Stress, Coping and Health
Biopsychosocial Model: Physical illness caused by complex interaction of biological,
psychological and sociocultural factors
Health Psychology: concerned with how psychosocial factors relate to the promotion and
maintenance of health and with the causation, prevention and treatment of illnesses
Stress: any situation that threatens or is perceived to threaten one’s well-being therefore it taxes
ones coping mechanisms.
A stressful situation for one might be routine for another
Primary Appraisal: initial evaluation of whether an event is 1) irrelevant to you
2) relevant to you ( not threatening)
3) stressful
Secondary Appraisal: evaluation of your coping resources & options on dealing with the stress
Types of Stress
Acute Stressor: threatening events that have a short duration and clear ending
Chronic Stressors: threatening event that has a long duration and no end in sight - credit card
debt, hostile work environment
4 Types of Stress: 1) frustration
2) conflict
3) change
4) pressure
Frustration: occurs in a situation when pursuit of goal is thwarted (want something you cannot
-traffic jams
-situation is brief and insignificant
Conflict: two or more incompatible motivations or impulses fight for expression
3 Types of Conflict: approach-approach- two choices that are fun, do not know which one to
avoidance-avoidance- choice between two unattractive goals
approach-avoidance- choice must be made whether to pursue a single
goal that has attractive and unattractive qualities
Change: change in ones living circumstances that require readjustment
-changes at work, changes in personal relationships
-Social Readjustment Rating Scale - assigns numerical values to 43 major life events
-higher the score on SRRS the higher the chances of physical and psychological illness
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