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Lecture 3

PSY210H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Blackboard, Moral Development, Elliot Turiel

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PSY210 Morality
Consequences for us override our moral judgment
Unethical to make people think they’re hurting someone
If someone laughs it shows they are under extreme stress
Morality is fluid
We can commit evil acts under certain circumstances
Different components of Morality
Child’s moral judgement changes over time:
Morality of Constraint – Everything adults/authority say is right
Transition Period – Begin to question what adult deem moral and begin to look inward
Autonomous Morality – Begin to have own idea of morality independent of what authority says
Transitional Period:
Age 7-10
Peer interaction
Theory of Moral development
Influenced by Piaget
Psych influenced by Philosophy
People Progress in moral reasoning in stages
6 stages can be broken up into 2 groups
Self-centeredness vs Other-centeredness
External Authority vs Internalized values
Preconventional (Focus on self)
Conventional (focus on group)
Post-Conventional (focus on justice)
Stage 1: Obedience and Punishment Orientation
Conscience – Self-protection
Children only think about protecting themselves
“Will I get in trouble for it”
Stage 2: Instrumental-Relativist Orientation
“You scratch my back I scratch yours”
Stage 3: Good Boy/Nice Girl Orientation (Group Loyalty)
Obligation to family, gang
Stage 4: Law and Order
Follow society’s rules
Obeying laws to maintain social order
Stage 5: Social Contract
Loyalty to truth
Morally obligated
Stage 6: Universal Ethical Principal Orientation
Principles, no matter what the price
Willing to die for this.
Elliot Turiel:
Developed Social Domain theory:
Morality – Judgments about what is right or wrong
3 aspects of social judgments
Personal issue – Parent’s getting divorced how you deal with it
Conventional issue -
Moral issue – not being able to enter a place due to race
Term Test 1
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Chapter 1, 11, and 14
Chapters in textbook and lectures
Practice questions on blackboard
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