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PSY290: Lecture 1 - Introduction
How do you know you are aware of things?
No equation tthat explains cons
But is there any way of measuring of gathering hard evidence to see what goes on
in our heads
When do we first become aware of ourselves?
Mirror-self recognition test: looking at themselves in the mirror for a few seconds,
parent places a dot on the baby’s check and if they are self-aware of themselves
they will notice the dot and point to it in the mirror
Between the ages 18 and 24 months that we become self aware
Professor Gordon Gallup invented the mirror self recognition test, initially to be
tested on animals; only apes and humans passed the test
The cortex allows us to be self aware
Constant activation of the cortex
Cerebellum has more nerve cells than the rest of the brain
Emerges out of a collection of neurons
Water’s wetness emerges from a collection of molecules
Trans-cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
Communication channels temporarily shut down
The interconnectivity fot he brain helps keep people aware of themelves and the
world around them
Cons mind is encoded in brain activity
If we find that a person’s thoughts are very closely encoded in the brain activity
then we need to understand th
Consciousness is our brain activity and its whats leading your life
Threshold, the final stage fo the whole complex of brain activity
The tiny part that you feel is you
There is no equation that can explain consciousness; instead there are methods that can
measure our consciousness. We begin to become self-aware of ourselves between the
ages of 18 to 24 months. This was determined by the mirror self-recognition test, where a
sticker is placed on the toddler’s face and the toddler must become aware of it. If the
child is able to recognize the sticker on their face and points to it in the mirror, the child
is considered to be self-aware/conscious. The constant activation of the cortex, which is
the outside of the brain, is what allows us to be self-aware. Consciousness is a collection
of neurons where the communication between all the different regions of the brain allow
one to be self-aware. In CONCLUSION, The interconnectivity of the brain helps keep
people aware of themselves and the world around them. Consciousness is a threshold and
the final stage of the whole complex of brain activity; it is whats leading our life!