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Attractiveness lecture

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Attractiveness lecture
November 16th
Both male and female prefer female company / female naked body
Matching phenomena: rating people from 1 to 10
If one partner is more attractive and theres no justification for why, the relationship
wont last
Why would we want to make one thing attractive and not the other :
Economic: weight loss industry, cosmetic industry etc. (this is the way you need to
look to be happy, successful etc.) what is beautiful is good
Cartoon characters (peter pan vs. captain hook)
Attractive = more social, more accepted, more likely to get a job etc (women are given
the job easier but you wont be given credit for everything you do)
Stigma: More about them taking over us
oAids is stigmatized
Evolution: Those who look fit and are of the same culture = easy
Culture: go with those who are similar, going with others means no acceptance
owestern: tall, thin, large breast, thin waist etc (represents 0.1 % of
oBody shapes are not universal (vary cross culture and with time)
We act on first impressions, sometimes wrong
-most relationships are based on similarities and therefore will last
-When we hear someone likes us before we know them we automatically like them and then
when we meet them our actions and believe result in liking (we like to like, we like who like
us- identification, acceptance etc)
- people who believe they are attractive, like those who are attractive
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