PSY230H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Trait Theory, Extraversion And Introversion, Asian Canadians

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6 Nov 2016
Eviroetal Iflueces oPersoality
Cross-Cultural Differences and Historic Changes
Culture and Personality: History
Thriving field in the 1920s
o Psychoanalytic theories
o No empirical evidence
o No lasting contribution
Challenge of trait theory by cultural psychologists
o Traits are an invention of Western culture
o "Even stronger" effect of situation in non-Western cultures
o No empirical evidence
Modern research
o Looking for cultural influences on personality in cross-national
Personality psychologists typically study within-nation variation
Within-nation studies fail to reveal the influence of culture on
Cross-national studies can reveal effects of culture on personality
o Common social practices (universal health care)
o Prevalent beliefs, values, norms (love hockey)
Cultures is difficult to measure
Most studies compare national averages to study culture
Other studies try to relate cultural variable to personality
o Individualism
o Literacy rates
Individualistic Cultures
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