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PSY230H5 Lecture Notes - Sigmund Freud, Heredity, Falsifiability

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PSYB30: Personality Psychology
Lecture #12 (03/30/2009)
The Road to Theoretical Integration
***[TEXT] Table 1.1
Presents 5 dimensions, - All of these are dichotomies; mutually exclusive terms
Evaluating Core Philosophies
1) Freedom or determinism?
[Related idea: conscious or unconscious?]
2) Biological or social influences?
[Related idea: heredity or environment?]
-takes on the INTERACTIONIST theory
-one that recognizes biology(heredity) but that’s not all that comprises us b/c
environment also has influence
-social interactions make us unique
3) Uniqueness or universality of character?
4) Proactive or reactive behavior?
-basically asking: are people choosing what they’re going to do next OR are
they reacting to things put upon them by either the environment or internal
-PROACTIVE doesn’t necessarily mean coming from within cause they can be
reacting to dry states (ie. hunger)
[Related: teleology or causality?]
-teleology (Maslow)positions argue that ppl are future oriented (looking at
current to predict the future instead of looking at the past)
5) Optimistic or pessimistic?
[Related idea: plastic or plaster development?]
Example: Sigmund Freud
1) Deterministic; unconscious influences people have little choice in what they
2) Mostly biological; early life experience key
3) Biological similarities and social differences
4) Largely reactive drive reduction
5) Generally pessimistic (especially later)
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