PSY240H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Peripheral Nervous System, Albert Bandura, Somatic Nervous System

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10 Jan 2017
LECTURE #2> Research Methods
Psychodynamic Perspective
based on the subconscious processes that cause abnormal behaviour or psychological problems
fluid: animal magnetism
would put his patients into hypnotic state
transference- projections of emotions onto therapist
ex: if you have a maternal attachment issues, and your therapist looks like your mother,
then you may have a more difficult time opening up or feeling comfortable with the
free association- patient openly talking, therapist tries to analyze what is significant
Freud first proposed that there are 3 levels of th subconscious that drives our behaviours
Karen Horney- influenced by Freud, wanted to develop approach that would apply to women
Existentional-huministic perspective- 3 important themes
emphasis on human growth
psychological health
consideration of both internal and external worlds
Carl Rogers
proposed client- centered therapy (person-centered therapy)
believed that clients will go through 7 stages of progression during therapy
Abraham Maslow
hierarchy of needs- people base the most important needs (self-actualization) at the top of
their pyramid and least important ones at the bottom
Ivan Pavlov
classical conditioning
experiment: dogs salivating to a neutral stimuli (ringing of a bell)
unnatural response
B.F Skinner
operant conditioning
experiment: rats pressing a button to receive food
natural response
Albert Bandura
observational learning
bobo doll experiment: children saw a video of children hitting a bobo doll, when they were
given the same doll, they modelled this behaviour and hit the doll as well
Aaron Beck
cognitive triad- cognitive therapy for depression
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find more resources at
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