PSY240H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Acting Crazy, A Priori And A Posteriori, Applied Psychology

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14 Jan 2017
PSY240 Abnormal Psychology
Lecture 6 February 22, 2016
Research Methods
- Why is this topic important?
o To become a scientist
Scientist practitioners: Bolder Colorado Model
o Foundation for understanding research
Link between eating donuts and heart disease: implies you shouldn’t eat
donuts, however, you must be critical of this claim
o Become an informed and critical consumer of information
o To become a practitioner
o Introduces different ways of thinking
Ways of Thinking
- Tenacity (least sophisticated)
o Stubborn, tenacious, beliefs that are impervious to contrary evidence and
o Only pays attention to ideas that support your beliefs
o Religion
- Authority
o Gathering information from an authoritative figure
o This lecture: prof is telling us information
o Authoritative figure imposes their beliefs on you
o Way of learning most amount of information
- A priori method
o Beliefs that are agreeable to reason
o “If, then” “Before the fact…” (belief created before it was tested)
o In harmony with natural causes
o A prior belief from the past: earth is flat (without questioning/debunking this
belief, there would have been no immigration)
o A priori belief: Person acting crazy = must be possessed by demon
- Method of science (most sophisticated)
o Test belief
o Is earth flat: get on boat and sail to find out (testing your belief)
o Hypothesis, test hypothesis, find out if hypothesis was correct or not
o Produces most accurate results which lead to most accurate conclusion
o Findings must be reliable (other people have to do it too) replication
o Uses logic (like a priori method) but it must be tested independent of opinion
Goals of Research in Psychology
- Describe behaviour
- Predict behaviour
- Explain behaviour
- Control behaviour
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