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Lecture 9

PSY240H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Gender Dysphoria, Dysphoria, Transsexual

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Norman Farb

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Slide 74
There is an increase for children who have gender dysphoria now then there was
Slide 75
Most severe form involves a strong desire to change ones physical sex, not all gender dysphoria
involves that
Transsexualism is a subset of gender dysphoria where the person wants to change their physical
sexual characteristics, but not all people who are gender dysphoric are transsexual
o More extreme side because you are willing to have surgery
This is not the same as transvestism, which is getting off from wearing clothes from the opposite
Slide 76
Not a new thing
There are cultures today where you have 3rd genders
These surgically technologies have grown safer over the years
Slide 77
Cis vs. trans
Cis = you have a gender that matches your biological sex
Slide 78
Person expresses a lot of dissatisfaction with the way they feel in their own bodies and they want
to find a way to escape from that sense of distress/dissatisfaction
They are looking for ways out and see sex assignment surgery as the only way out
Hormone therapy is a less permanent, less aggressive way of dealing with this problem
Slide 79
You a also hae people ho do’t idetif ith a se
o Why do I have to pick something like this?
Slide 80
In men its more of a split, you can have men who are homosexual relative to their biological sex
A man who wants to become a female who is still attracted to male will be considered
homosexual with their biological gender
May have different ideologies
Changing either gender role or identity or both have different reasons
Slide 81
For the vast majority of women, they feel like they are attracted to women, but feel like they are
in the wrong body
For women with GD tend to also identify as homosexual as their biological sex
More likely for women here to be homosexual where for men it is a 50-50 split (when they change
identity they might be heterosexual)
Slide 82
For it to be diagnosed, you have to have this persistent feeling of misidentification
It has to be causing distress of it to be considered GD
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