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Lecture 1

PSY290H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Trepanning, Luigi Galvani, Retina

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Brett Beston

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Physiological Psychology
An Introduction to Brain and Behaviour
Neuroscience is the study of the brain and its cells –
processes, function, communication within and external to
the brain.
How the brain shapes our experiences and behaviour –
neuroscience helps us to understand psychology.
Research and experiment use animals (most likely mouse)
to help understand the brain and nervous system in
humans and also helps us to understand the neural
processes in animals.
How many neurons in an adult human brain?
100 billion – estimated by looking at certain sections of the brain
Herculano was the *rst one to – attempt to systemically *nd the
number of neurons in the brain by taking parts of the brain –
found it to be 86 billion.
In humans, about what percent of the brain is used during routine, day
to day activities?
We use approx. of our 100% of our brain.
The Mozart E2ect
People are under the notion that listening to Mozart’s music will
help us enhance our intelligence.
A case study actually proved this – this lead us to believe that by
playing Mozarts music to children will increase their intelligence
and stimulates healthy brain development
In 1998 – governor of Georgia went to the state senate and
argued that every child should be provided a compact disc of
classical music and it is required and won.
History of Neuroscience
Psychology has a long past but only a short history” psychology
has been around but our understanding of the brain is
inconsistent and based on loosely connected facts.
Early understanding of psychology is shaped by religion
Prehistoric Brain Surgery
Archaeological *ndings of brain surgery has been discovered
7000 years ago by drilling holes in the brain – called trephining.
Ancient Views of the Nervous System
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