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Lecture 5

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Judy Plantinga

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Lecture 5 – Learning Words: Lexical Development
What is a Word?
What is lexical knowledge?
Word Segmentation
By 9 months, infants use many cues
oWord position
oTransitional probabilities
oStress patterns
oPhonological Cues
Acquisition of words & their meanings:
What words do children learn first?
What do kids know about the words they use?
How do kids learn about words of their language?
The Course of early Lexical Development
Protowords  words
Are childrens first word representations adult-like?
Word Comprehension
Recognize words that are heard often at 5m
Comprehension vocab differs from production vocab
Word Learning: Prelexical Stage?
Context Bound
Table 5-1: Childrens First 10 words
Context bound: Mummy, go, quack, there, buzz, we, help, bye-bye, there
Nominal: teddy, ball, Jacqui, bee, doggy, shoe, moo, car, woof, buzz
Nonnominal: more, mummy, no, yes
Word Production: Is there a spirt?
Nouns vs. Verbs: Content of Early Vocabularies
Neural partitions hypothesis
Relational relativity hypothesis
oOther proposals
Cross-cultural differences
Overextensions & Underextentions
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