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6 Jan 2011
Lecture 8 - Assessment and Treatment of Mentally Disordered Offenders
March 10th
o70% of people sent of fitness assessment will be found fit to stand trial
oCriminal justice system not set up to properly deal will mental disorders
oVanier center for women-mental health unit
oThere is a limited number of facilities with mental health units
oDialectic behaviour therapy- treatment for borderline personality disorder, posed
many difficulties, but this therapy has had some success in prisons, decreasing
recidivism rates
Spousal Assaulter
oDomestic violence increasing problem in society, if charges are not followed
through my complantiff they may be followed through by crown
oThose who are victims of domestic abuse- wide range- may have past abuse
history in childhood
oWomen and men all perpetrate domestic violence
oSerious injury or reported are predominately male upon female
oFamily only ( OCPD)-pro social, good parenting skills on the outside. On
the inside the issue is control, an obsessive need for neatness and
predictability, the need to dominant and control someone else, demands
total submissions. No remorse because it is considered to be necessary for
the rule of the house. Not as likely to have substance abuse, suffers from
type of psychopathology about control. Factors contributing are corporal
punishment, childhood abuse. If you grow up learning this belief it is
difficult to overcome.
oDysphoric boarderline- dysphora, anger management control issues,
when they loose there temper they are out of control, they will show great
remorse for their abuse, but are not in control of their behaviour.
Emotional difficulty, emotional problems, extreme fear or anger, anti
social but only small amount. Usually centered towards spouse alone,
children may be victims of abuse.
Psychopothy checklist =recidivism rates
Some are not anti social- may be pro social-such careers as
figherfig. hters
o Antisocial (PCLR)- lie cheat, enjoyable to inflict pain on others
oODARA-something that officers have been trained to use on sight, 13
Domestic Abuser Typology
Emotional volatile- in line with DB
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