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Lecture 2

PSY341H5 Lecture 2: PSY341 - Lecture 2

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Aitken Madison

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Lecture 2: Research, Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Thursday, January 4, 2018 11:31 AM Quick Review o Background Many children + adolescents experience mental health difficulties ~1 in 8 in a given year In a primary base classroom ~3 kids Importance of considering dev Reference to developmental tasksexpectations Symptoms may present differently in children than in adults Despite experiencing adversity (that are typically known , some indivs are resilient Define resilient? Despite being exposed to risk factors, some children dont develop problems Successful coping or adaptation Factors associated w resilience? Resilience factors SES Individuals beliefs Individual talents Selfesteem + selfconfidence Can be important buffering factor o Theories Causes Developmental psychopathology perspective considers the indiv, their context, + dev Developmental cascade Effects from one area of devfunctioning spread to other areas over time Comorbidity Cascading + snowballing effect 3 main perspectives on abnormal child dev: Biological Genetic + neurological influences Psychological Emotional Temperament Cognitivebehavioural influences Family, social + cultural Family Peers Culture Social context Context in which the indiv grew up Assignment o Dont have to be as specific > predisposing, precipitating, o Might be good idea to search those articles
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