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Lecture 10

PSY341H5 Lecture 10: 10. Stressor and trauma

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PSY341: Lecture 10: Abnormal psychology Child Disorders: Trauma and StressorRelated Disorders Trauma StressorRelated Disorders Can look different in each child. Can be not managing behaviors, withdrawal Stressful events o Exposure to single or multiple difficult events (i.e. moving a lot..) o More common and less extreme Traumatic events o Exposure to actual or threatened harm or fear of death or injury o Extreme and relatively uncommon But its more common than we think o Examples; Child maltreatment, war, accidents, refugee trauma, traumatic loss, natural disasters, community violence, medical trauma, terrorism Rates of child maltreatment in Canada o In 2008, over 128,000 child maltreatment investigations 44 substantiated Can cause kids to be removed from the house o Which types of maltreatment are most common? Physical abuse Domestic 20 violence 34 Sexual abuse Emotional Neglect 34 Childrens needs o Circle of security Have a bit of freedom, but know that they can come back to a safe environment. And that their caregiver will be there for them So they will go out for adventures and when they come back they want to know that they can be back at a safe, understanding environment Healthy, dysfunctional, or abusive neglectful care Positive and healthy: warm but also provides structure Poor = dont care about childs needs and is unpredictable = hard to develop an adaptive attachment style. On and off punishment = not Page 1 of 6
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