PSY374H5 Lecture 1: PSY374

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9 Jan 2019
PSY374 Jan 3: Lecture 1
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Test 1 4 Lectures
SA heavily based on lectures
MC heavily based on textbook
Some overlap from lecture and textbook, but not a lot
Papers: (Prof marks papers)
Paper 1 Speech or Language COMPREHENSION
Paper 2 Speech or Language PRODUCTION
Language most important tool of community
Possession of language is single most important thing that distinguishes humans from
other animals (not that other animals don’t communicate, but they don’t qualify for natural
human language)
How we process, comprehend, acquire language
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Linguistic Diversity
Speak differently accents
Many different languages (~3000)
Hard to know how many because what’s the difference between language and
People speaking the same language if they’re mutually intelligible to each other
Ex: Mandarin and Cantonese (debate whether different language or
different dialects)
Ex: Norwegian can understand Swedish yet they’re considered different
Great diversity to the number of language in the world
Linguistic Universals
But there’s also a lot common about a lot of languages
What the properties are that are considered to be universal (know what’s common
about languages before we can ask how we produce language, etc)
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Ex: Bee communication
Dance that signals info about the food
Circular dance food is very close
Waggle dance (figure 8) signal direction and distance
How rigorously they dance quantity
Ex: Vervate Monkeys
Sounds what kind of predator (large repertoire)
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