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Lecture 8

PSY393H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Block Design, Maternal Sensitivity, Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor

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Iva Zovkic

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PSY393 Lecture 8: Role of other regions and systems in memory.
Brain stem contribution to explicit memory
Basal forebrain nuclei
oAch: NT that is defficient in alzh. Ariceptis a cholinrgic blocker that
inhibits its digestion.
Raphe Nuclei: serotonergic. Critical for focusign, associated with too much
focusing (OCD), or associated with depression (difficult to focus)
oFocus impact what we encode and how well we encode.
Locus Coeruleus: NE, for selective attention. (ability to exclude info, and
focus on relevant info).
Role of entorhinal cortex
Circle area is EC, receives sensory info and apsses to hippo for processing.
So damage here, you cut off info to hippo from env't.
Receives from ventral visual stream, that project to peririhnal.
Input from dorsal to parahippo
Both input towards ento and passes it in to hippo.
The amygdala
Sits very closely to hippo. Lots of communications with one another.
Amygdala important on fear memory.
Amygdala gets all senses.
What about other types of memory?
Non declarative/implicit memory.
Contextual conditioning with addicts falls under this category.
The implicit side
Caudate and cerebellum
The SN and Da
DA produced in VTA andin sUbstantia Nigra. SN imp in projecting to basal
ganglia. Receives heavy dopaminergic inervasion. If don't, results in
Alot of drug affectsoccur most in Basal Ganglia, NA (critical for reward).
WHen taken drugs, lots of actions in Basal and NA b/c very heavy in
dopaminergic inervated areas, increase in motor output.
Role in learning and memory
When you give high dose to rodent, massive activation of DA in basal
ganglia. Will go into habitual behaviours.
Involves automatizing skilled move't. You learn to walk which is effortful
but then becomes automatic b/c have that structure in your BG that have it
Damage: can lose automatic skills and can't learn procedural skills.
Role of cerebellum
Very important in classical cond't.
oAssociated eyelid cond't: puff of air to eye makes you blink. In cond't.
that puff of air associated with tone. Tone itself sufficient to pro'd a
Cells in cerebellum will fire b/w air puff and tone. This ongoing firing is
maintaining that memory.
Damage: you lose ability of simple cond't.
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