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Chapter 9- interpreting test results

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Dax Urbszat

Chapter Nine Study Notes Why is it wise to be cautious when interpreting test results? -Psychological test is a standardized measure of a sample of a persons behavior. - They measure individual differences that exist among people in abilities, interests and aspects of personality. -Test scores are interpreted by consulting test norms to find out what represents a high and low score. What are the two main categories of psychological tests? -Mental ability test and personality test. What makes a test standardized? -Standardization refers to the uniform procedures used in the administration and scoring of a test. -What makes a test standardized is when all subjects get the same instructions, questions, and same time limit, so their scores can be compared meaningfully. What are test norms and percentile scores? -Test norms provide information about where a score on a psychological test ranks in relation to other scores on that test. -Test norms show whether you scored average, or above and below the average test score. It helps you overall understand what your test score means. -Percentile scores indicate the percentage of people who score at or below the score one has obtained. What is reliability, and how can it be measured? -Reliability refers to the measurement co
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