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Chapter 11-Human Development

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Dax Urbszat

Chapter Eleven Study Notes 1. What are the three stages of prenatal development and what happens in each stage? - The germinal stage: It is the first phase of prenatal development, encompassing the first two weeks after conception. Zygote and fertilization process begins. Zygote becomes a mass of cells that implants in the uterine wall and placental begins to form. - The embryonic stage: It is the second stage or prenatal development, last from two weeks until the end of the second month. Vital organs and bodily systems begin to form (embryo), and spine, heart, and brain emerge, making it a great period of vulnerability. - The fetal stage: It is the third stage of prenatal development, lasting from two months through birth. Rapid body growth, and bones and muscles begin to form, becomes a fetus and physical movements occur, skeletal bones harden, and sex organs develop. Organs grow and gradually begin to function. 2. Can maternal nutrition affect the fetus? - Maternal nutrition (mal-nutrition) increases newborns risk for birth complications and neurological (brain) deficits. 3. How about maternal drug use? - Maternal consumptions of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs can
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