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Lecture 3

PSY100Y5 Lecture 3: PSY100 The Brain and Behaviour Lecture

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Dax Urbszat

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PSY100 The Brain and Behaviour Lecture Types of neurons 1) sensory neurons- receives input from our senses and environment 2) motor neurons- connected to our muscles and help us move, they send a message to the brain 3) inter neurons- communicate within the brain, send information from one part of the brain to the other dendrites has little receptor sites myelin allows the electrical signal to move more quickly speed of transmission through out neurons are like 10 metres per second In well-myelinated neurons, the speed can go up to 100 metres per second Therefore the speed at which we transmit any information is dependent on the amount of myelin on any axon Acetylcholine – responsible for motor control. without it you would be paralyzed. It is also implicated in learning, memory and sleep and dreaming. Example of Anatagonist for acetylcholine: blocks the effect of acetylcholine: QRA It fills up the acetyl choline transmitters to the brain so they cant send signals Monoamines - epinephrine: • sends in the adrenaline package, opens up the blood vessels to blood can fl
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