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Lecture 2

PSY100Y5 Lecture 2: PSY100 Research Lecture

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dax Urbszat

PSY100 Research Lecture Cow urine example - anecdotal research - only two got cured out of the hundreds that took it Theories have exceptions - is based on a set of observations we see then we create a theory and a hypothesis and try to prove that theory - sometimes people have ideas without research or scientific back up Standardized procedure - you want everyone in that study to run exactly the same way - so that we can have the ability to e sure that no other factor, like the attractiveness of my research assistant became a cofounding variable that compromised the confidence we have in our data - we want to try to get rid of all the potential variables that will affect our data - no one study stands by itself you have to be skeptical of a study as if it cannot be replicated by someone else, then it is not valid - when you publish a study you have to say exactly how you did it so someone else can try to replicate your study to make your study more credible and have more confidence in your result and to rule out other confounding variables Generalizability - our ability to represent this data to the real world - e.g. the psy100 students are less prejudiced than adults bc adults have more real world experience - needs real world credibility Objective measurement - need to know that something that happens in the lab can be translated into the real world - we are inherently subjective bc we only see the world from our own perspective and there’s no way around that - we want objective measures that make sure that people don’t lie - e.g. polygraph is not a reliable test  Its supposed to be a lie detector but it detects stress levels not lies Different types of psychological research 1. naturalistic observation - eg. When observing a lion you wanna hide so your presence doesn’t affect the results of the observation - benefits that its real world - big dra
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