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Proposal One Independent Variables: 1. images are shown in (display): a. black and white b. colour 2. the environment is: a. quiet b. noisy Hypothesis/Prediction: The subjects will be better able to recognize the images after studying them in colour, in a quiet environment, compared to studying the words in color in a noisy environment, studying black words in a noisy environment, and studying black words in a quiet environment. Control Variables: 1. study time of 6 seconds each image, in each condition 2. retention interval of 1 minute after each condition before being tested 3. recognition time of 1 minute 4. 20 images will be given in each trial Dependent Variables: 1. hit rate 2. false alarm rate 3. d’ scores Black and White Image Colour Image Quiet Environment A B Noisy Environment C D To control for progressive error, the method of counterbalancing will be utilized (two trials of each condition): - Condition 1: DABC - Condition 2: CBAD - Condition 3: DABC - Condition 4: CBAD Proposal Two Independent Variables: 1. Display: a. Subject is given actual objects (tangible) to view. b. Subject is given an image of the objects to view. 2. Organization (during test): a. Images or objects are placed in the exact order in which they were given to the subject b. Images or objects are placed in a random order Control Variables: 1. The images of objects and actual objects will be colored 2. Study time of 10 seconds per image 3. There will only be 15 objects or 15 images of objects 4. The retention interval will be two minutes 5. The time given to recognize which item is missing will be one minute Dependent Varia
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