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Dax Urbszat

Memory confabulation - when you make up something, recalling something that you do not remember 1) Encoding 2) Storage 3) Retrieval and Forgetting 4) Multiple memory systems Automatic memory process - on 24/7 looking for threats May involve multiple systems Conscious memory process - Attention as the engine that drives memory What we choose to ignore/pay attention to is often automatic What is the spotlight analogy? the spotlight is your conscious attention recognition of meaning - attention is a limited resource, unconscious determines whether something is important or not, we decide whether we pay attention based on reward, punishment Level of Processing processing - form of encoding information shallow processing - unimportant, based on details intermediate processing - repetition. Is how most people learn deep processing -connecting, symbolism Facilitating Encoding Elaboration - a teacher gives you a story, anecdote, metaphor, we remember things much better Visual Image - multiple cues by storing information in visual database self referential encoding - studies show that people remember information more when it is about us Rehearsal and Over-learning Deep and Transfer Appropriate processing Distributed practice Mnemonic Devices Give examples of acrostics, acronyms, rhymes Visual mnemonics What is link method, method of loci, keyword Explain Encoding specificity Our memories are tied to situations and places What is state-dependent memory? Our mood influences what memories we are able
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